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Guwahati - Vijaynagar - Sualkuchi - Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary - Guwahati


Arrive at Uzanbazar Ghat in Guwahati and climb aboard M.V. Rudra Singha by 9 am. Start sailing towards Peacock Island, one of the smallest inhabited river islands in the world. The beautiful Umananda Temple on the island is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati; the island is also home to Golden Langurs, a rare species of primate found only in the forests of Assam bordering Bhutan. After Peacock Island, start sailing towards Aswaklanta Temple, an 18th century hilltop temple. Explore this temple and then walk a little distance to visit a nearby Hindu Vaishnavite Monastery of Auniati Satra.

Return to your boat to enjoy a lunch cooked by your private chef. Start sailing downstream and stop close to the village of Vijaynagar. Explore this small Assamese town on your mountain bikes before returning to the boat in the evening. Dinner and overnight on the boat.



Sail upstream this morning to the silkweaving town of Sualkuchi. Explore this town on your mountain bikes and witness the entire process of silk manufacture, from cocoon to spinning and dyeing, and to hand-weaving into exquisite saris (mekhela chador). Re-board the boat and start sailing upstream to Guwahati up to Uzanbazar Ghat; disembark and go on a short walk along the quiet riverfront or visit the local market and emporium. Enjoy lunch at a restaurant before sailing upstream to Ganesh Pahar. Dinner and overnight on the boat.


After breakfast, arrive at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and ride your mountain bike up to the park's entry point. This small park has a sizeable population of one-horned rhinos, and we shall be unlucky if we do not spot some of these amazing armoured beasts on a jeep safari. Return to your boat for lunch and enjoy your time at the sundeck. Tonight, stop near the park and be treated to a specially prepared farewell dinner on board with complimentary wine.​


Sail downstream to Guwahati in the morning and disembark after breakfast near Uzanbazar Ghat.

This itinerary is also available in reverse on a downstream route.

Temples, Textiles & Rhinos of Assam

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